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Offering services to Military and DoD personnel 

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Help with School zones, Internet connectivity 

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Licensed for Property Sales 

We source, inspect and provide a wide range of suitable properties for your stay in Okinawa.  If you are a family or just single stationed overseas, we'll be sure to place you with the right accommodation.  

Contact us on any of our Properties. 


See current property offerings for Houses - generally more spacious than Apartments and typically include a yard.  Great for pets and Barbecues.

All Houses are military inspected prior to renting.

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Odoo • Image and Text


Apartments and Mansions are easy to upkeep, convenient and usually close to the Base.  Many have great Ocean views.

Like Houses, we complete military inspections on Apartments prior to renting. 


See current property offerings on military inspected Duplexes.  These are popular in Okinawa and provide a sense of privacy, openness and creativity.

Duplexes are high in demand and rent quickly – find yours today. 

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